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3. I do support denying the protections of the Second Amendment of the Constitution (of 1787) to violent, convicted felons, unstable psychiatric sufferers, minor children and certain others defined and categorically identified by and in individual states.

It might be acceptable for a formerly violent felon, who has served and satisfied any and all court imposed penalties for former violations, to petition the courts to regain some of his privileges.

2. President Obama tells us that he's not going to take anyone's gun away, and then he says he expects Congress to outlaw any gun with a clip of seven bullets or more. This leaves the Smith & Wesson revolver #686, some pump action shotguns and starter pistols. This doesn't add up for me.

1. President Obama wants Congress to be responsible, so he threatens to delay Social Security Payments of $1000 per month to struggling senior and disabled citizens. Why not delay Congressional (and staff) payments of $15,000 per month instead? Or- he could just take fewer $2 billion vacations.

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