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  Henry Platt Welcome to the Dark Horse Candidate's website. On this site the most recent material is posted at the beginning of each section with all of the older material following (with the exception of the "Revised Constitution of the United States of America" which remains almost unchanged since its original publication on July 4, 1972.) The purpose of this site is to provide truth, knowledge, understanding, and inspiration to all readers so they can more successfully participate in all honest endeavors and to better understand the truths that are the basis for the growth and successes of our great nation.

When my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand-father, Richard, arrived in this area with his wife and two children in 1638, they assumed over 100 acres of land in what is now Milford, Connecticut. They all worked hard to provide for themselves, but depended almost entirely upon their own hard work. There were shared tasks which involved other members of the community, but the Platts reciprocated to assist their friends and neighbors in their larger tasks. There was no free lunch.

Today in my neighborhood many people depend on free breakfasts, free lunches, and free suppers as well as free groceries from local churches, synagogues, and the bureaucracy. The bureaucracy also provides free cell phones, free bus passes, free medical care, housing subsidies, and regulations guaranteeing potable water, sanitary waste facilities, solid waste collection, subsidized fuel and electricity. My ancestor, Richard, came here to escape the bureaucracy and build a life for himself and his posterity free of the onerous taxes and regulations of the crown under King Charles I.

I believe as most of my ancestors have that true success in this life is accomplished by each individual by his/her own work and thrift so as to leave this place better for our having been here. To this end I offer this website for study, growth, and understanding for all of those who are willing to do the work to achieve these virtues.

I offer that this website may be used without payment as the text for study by any group, any school, or any university to inspire and encourage any and all who desire to become benefactors to our cities, our nations, and our world.


It is August. Primaries for the fall elections are being held in many states including Connecticut. The Sikh religion mourns the murder of six worshippers in Wisconsin. Syria is murdering its citizens, and Patriot Update reports that president Obama plans to grant amnesty to illegal aliens just before the November elections.

Details of these and other stories may be found in the columns to the left.

This website is created and written by the DarkHorseCandidate to provide true, meaningful observations and recommendations for life and government in the United States and everywhere.

The latest postings always appear at the beginning of each section.


Spring is ending, summer will soon start, and we will soon celebrate our nation's 236th birthday. We also remember that our national anthem was written (as a poem) around two hundred years ago.

It is the last lines if the first verse that we should all call to mind,

"O say does that Star Spangled
Banner yet wave
O'er the land of the Free
And the home of the Brave?"

Trepidation assaults my heart as I consider the deterioration of our nation's moral and legislated values. Our freedoms are being constrained and stolen by an army of unelected bureaucrats, and our bravery is being muted and denied as being too risky or too dangerous.

This website is dedicated to the preservation of our Constitution, Life, Liberty, Secure Private Property, and the Responsibility of the Individual to build and enjoy goods and services which are beneficial to our commonwealth.

The Darkhorsecandidate believes that he should be allowed to put salt on his meat as long as he can purchase it, and that he should be able to manufacture and sell widgets in any color that the market will bear. Men and women should not be denied opportunities to engage in sporting activities just because someone was hurt while enjoying that sport.


Tomorrow is the last full moon of winter this year. Today I heard on the radio that President Obama has decided that some of the material on the internet websites is unsatisfactory, and that he will evaluate and censor .com and other websites to determine which ones he will need to shut down.

It is my firm belief that this decision by President Obama is absolutely a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and if he should exercise this decision to shut down any website, he will violate and abjure his inaugural oath to "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution. I further believe that Larry Arnn and most of the people who have studied the Constitution would agree with me. Finally I believe this would be grounds for Impeachment and removal from office.

Of course, if Mr. Obama never removes any site from the internet, my points are moot. Still, today he answered Republican charges that he is trying to drive up the cost of gasoline with a question, "Do you really think that I would try to raise the price of gas?" He did not deny the charge; he just side stepped around it without a firm denial. Here I give him credit for skillful oratory.


2012 begins, and most Republicans are dancing to Mr. Obama's tune. This voice seems to be alone, or nearly alone, in offering meaningful alternatives to the platitudes, exaggerations, fabrications, missteps, sidesteps, and downright lies coming from Mr. O. This site is dedicated to the principles of our nation's founding fathers that every person should profit by his own labor, and that those who produce more will be entitled to their private property.

Carl Marx expounded, (as I recall paraphrased): "Those who have a surplus should have it taken from them to provide for those who are in need." If we substantially reward those who produce, create, build, and provide by their own efforts, the larger community will flourish; but if the opinions of Carl Marx are followed, there will only be plenty of want.

Read about life in the Soviet Union during the years between the end of World War II and the (U S) Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Especially recommended are stories in popular magazines of that time [such as: Life, Look, U. S. News & World Report, Time, etc.]

"The last will be first, and the first last." (Matthew XX : 16) On this site the most recent postings come first, and the earliest postings are last - in each category.


It is the end of the 2011 summer season, and a majority of the people seem very distressed because the man in charge does not seem to understand his anatomy. [The Darkhorsecandidate eschews vulgarity.]

It is the custom of the Darkhorsecandidate to post his most recent opinions at the beginning of each column with the earlier considerations appearing afterward.

The truth is a very important cornerstone of understanding, of building, and of success. In this vein, a recent book by Dinesh D"Souza entitled "The Roots of Obama's Rage" is strongly recommended. This book is well written, well researched, and honest.

President Obama is preparing to deliver a "Jobs" speech. On this site I have expressed and explained many suggestions and solutions to this and other needs and goals of our nation and its people. An explosion of ideas, concepts, and insights are contained in this site, but not in this paragraph.

The best way to infuse our economy and our people with enthusiasm and determination is to streamline and simplify our laws and regulations, and to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs, their friends and investors to create, build, and improve new and existing businesses and industries both great and small to grow and prosper.

On this site visitors can read many observations that Mr. Obama is obsessed with pretending to expand our economy by saddling the people with new, extensive, expensive, and burdensome regulations which expand bureaucracy, the enemy of efficiency.


We are coming to the end

of the year 2010, and it would seem some would like it to be the end of our nation as we know it, The dictates of our Constitution (1787) are routinely being ignored, and Mr. O. wants us to give away our sovereignty and our rights to defend ourselves.

Mr. O. wants us to give away $200 Billion annually to prevent climate change without any real understanding of what climate or climate change really is. Weather is defined by days, weeks, or even months, but climate is usually defined by centuries.

Mr. O. wants our Senate to ratify a treaty to restrict our military preparedness and limit nuclear capabilities while the Russians claim a right to abrogate the treaty if they even allege that the United States is increasing its domestic, defensive capabilities.

This website has the most recent material posted at the beginning with older material following chronologically. This might be called a biblical system where "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first."


It is now May of 2010 and we have a major disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. As always, my most recent comments appear first with the oldest material at the end of each section. This site was created for the presentation of political ideas and suggestions, but now I am adding a new section: "Other Suggestions".


It is November of 2009, and we have voted for our choices in government, economics, and life. Some of us will continue to pass through this life at the whim of chance much as a ping pong ball floating on the waters of a pond Others of us are willing to study and work to improve our lives and fortunes.

This site continues to offer suggestions and potential inspirations for individuals, governments, and the world. The newest content is always posted at the beginning of its section with the earliest postings appearing last.


THE LATEST postings always appear on this site at the beginning with older material appearing later. It is the 2008 Presidential election season, and I feel that I, the first real DarkHorseCandidate since 1844, can best lead our nation and the world in peace or war into global respect, cooperation, and understanding that the Almighty One has prepared for us.

It is the end of September, 2009. The power, prosperity, and security of the United States of America are, in the opinion of the Dark Horse Candidate, in peril. Everything suggested here is within the laws of our nation and the specifications of its Constitution of 1787. The opinions of the Dark Horse Candidate are protected as are the opinions of all of the millions of other Americans who believe that President Barack Hussein Obama is not an asset but a liability to their security, their health, and their prosperity.

A reading of this entire website will help the visitor to understand that it is with some trepidation that I, the Dark Horse Candidate (an unofficial candidate), announce that I can see an extremely unlikely way that I could become President of the United States of America. This could happen within six months of when Vice-President Biden first contacts me. Because of interlopers and imposters, I would need to verify contacts before any substantive discussions could begin.

There are too many very specific reasons and ways that Mr.. Obama has and continues to fail to preserve and protect the United States, its blessings and its people. Most of these failings are known and published in many places. Some are unknown. None will be noted in this paragraph.

I do not desire or intend at this time or in the future to plan to break any laws or cause any physical pain to anyone in our government or elsewhere. I do plan to persuade by reason and entreaties the members of governments and other organizations to encourage their constituents, clients and charges to seek ways to improve their corners of experience.


In support of this bold statement I recommend that the reader read my entire site.


I am no longer running for local office at this time, but I continue to express my thoughts and suggestions on this site.

The reader can see my suggestion for immigration reform, and with scrutiny he can find what Congress did to destroy all benefits from my bill by substituting antitheses. On this site there are many more considerations and suggestions which, I hope, the reader will find reasonable, factual, and workable.


If you are a new visitor to my website, I wish to explain (and remind returning visitors) that my newest postings always are posted at the beginning of the section in which they appear. My earliest postings are at the end of each section.

The fall election season is upon us, and I am again running for Legislative Council in the Fifth District of Hamden. The incumbent Democrat is not running this year, so I am expecting to do better than two years ago especially since there is also a third candidate, from the Green Party.



I am pleased to congratulate President Bush on his election to a second term, and I feel that the United States and the world will be a safer and more productive place with him in the White House. There are parts of his agenda which have limited appeal as presented, though.

Many of my articles in suggested laws and political commentary identify differences between me and him. I especially draw your attention to A LITTLE CLEAR CUT and PRIVATIZTION OF SOCIAL SECURITY.

As I did four years ago, I ask all of my fellow citizens to support our President by reasoned suggestions to him and members of Congress concerning legislation proposed or otherwise. Reasoned suggestions can be inspiring to those who govern and those who make laws. If you read enough of my website, you should begin to understand what I mean by the adjective reasoned.


Alas, my friends, I didn't win this local election this year either, but I did receive many more votes than in previous years. Thank you again for all your help.


In response to queries about my platform I encourage my visitors to read my entire site, but a condensation might be this: I offer ingenuity, inquiry, integrity, imagination, and industry.

CLICK HERE for an expansion of these five I's.

In 2004 I am running for the Connecticut House of Representatives in the 91st district. I remain a Dark Horse because I am facing an incumbent of many years and this remains a largely Democratic Party Bastion. In my Political Commentary I offer more news on this race.


Well, the 2003 election is over, and I failed to garner a plurality again. At least I received more than three times as many votes as in '01. My website remains, and I feel that many of my insights, observations, and recommendations continue to be timeless. In the comments section I offer updates on some of the initiatives I began earlier. As always the newest material is presented first in each section, so my earliest postings come at the end. I have always felt that visitors to my site are most interested in current news.


The Darkhorse Candidate is I, L. Henry Platt, Jr. During the 2003 Campaign season I am the officially endorsed Republican candidate for the Hamden Legislative Council representing the fifth district. I am still a dark horse candidate because the incumbent has already served several terms in her seat. Although I never matriculated at Yale, I hope to bring LIGHT and TRUTH to the government and people of Hamden. (qv. Political Commentary)

I am continuing to leave all earlier postings on this site because they continue to define my positions and my person - regardless of which Office I might seek. My newest postings always appear at the top, and older postings trail below chronologically.

Citizens wishing to contribute to my campaign, please click HERE.

These contributions are not tax deductible from taxable income, and, please, indicate "R5" on the memo line of your check.

Paid for by L. Henry Platt, Jr.

Henry Platt


I have always supported George W. Bush, but I don't always agree with him. (Read my site here.) All of us Americans need to follow our President so we can all move forward. I can assure you from personal experience that a single letter which is well written and well reasoned can benefit our entire nation, and one phone call to the right person at the right time can save hundreds of lives.

President Bush may have been elected by a small margin, but all of us need to accord him the honor and respect that the Office deserves. If we disagree with any part of our government, we are fortunate in that we have means by which we can legitimately try to change that part. President Bush has told us that he wants to work with us to build a better nation and world, but before we criticize him, we should first try to understand the larger picture.

I would like to see major Universities offer a Master of Industrial Botany degree. This is not a matter to be accomplished through legislation, so I move my cause forward in conversations with industrialists and botanists. My views on Social Security reform differ from those expressed by President Bush, and in addition to sharing my views on this web site, I will probably send a letter to certain members of Congress.

I encourage everyone to read my entire site, but I do not expect you to read it all in one sitting. I frequently add new material, so you may wish to return to this sight from time to time for updates. New Material is usually placed at the beginning of its section.

Who is this darkhorse candidate? My name is L. Henry Platt, Jr., and I live in the Land of the Sleeping Giant. I was born in the City of Brotherly Love three score less two years ago. I believe that every person should be permitted to profit from his own labor. I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America of 1787, and within my respect for it I revised it in 1972. A copy of THE REVISED CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA may be found on this website. Please, read it completely.

Henry PlattOur nation was founded on the concept and the precept that we can and should live together accepting and exercising our individual responsibilities to and for ourselves and our neighbors. We need to refocus our endeavors upon building better lives for ourselves through our own initiatives. If we do not receive enough, we should try to give more. If our present pursuits are providing little fruit, we should examine another crop. One field may be great for growing strawberries, and another might be well suited to raise corn; but the strawberries would not do as well in the cornfield, nor would the corn where the strawberries thrive. I believe that every individual should be rewarded for what he can do rather than be compensated for what he feels he cannot do.

This website will grow from time to time as I build it with my thoughts and proposals. If you would like to advertise your site here, I will consider a negotiated arrangement. However, be advised: "NO SEX, NO DRUGS, and NO ROCK & ROLL" Finally, if perchance my advertising revenues shall reach or exceed my costs of this enterprise, I shall treat it as a "for profit" business. My site is a .com not a .org or a .gov and is therefore a commercial enterprise on which I shall happily pay taxes should I turn a profit.

Note: Date August, 2001, I have been advised by the State of Connecticut not to accept advertising, so the preceding paragraph is null and void


Dark Horse Candidate

© L. Henry Platt, Jr.