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2. How I comfortably handle colds and flu

Winter is here as this is posted. The news is full of stories about suffering people. In my seventy years I cannot recall ever suffering the same way many people are reported today.

I remember that at the age of six years I began to buy cough drops to treat mild discomfort. I tried several different brands, and after several years of occasional use I found that a licorice flavored cough drop with the name Smith Bros.® did the best job. Those cough drops alleviated discomfort in the throat, but they filled my sinuses with congestion. I tried a menthol base salve to open my sinuses, but this canceled the relief of the cough drops.

I continued to use Smith Bros.(R) cough drops for around four decades until I could no longer find a place to buy them. After reading labels and some trials, I discovered the ingredients that best helped to soothe my throat and still promote real healing and generally retard infection in the bronchial and sinus areas. The products I use now (when seldom needed) contain SUGAR (no artificial sweeteners), real lemon juice, and/or butterscotch. I usually buy them as hard candies.

These natural foods strengthen and help to heal mild infections in the mouth and throat. They promote necessary mucus production, and soothe inflamed membranes of the mouth, throat, and sinuses. NEVER chew the candy (treatment); just suck on it gently until it is gone. Drink plenty of natural liquids and water. Hot coffee and/or tea are good.

I am not a doctor or a physician, but all of my suggestions here can be used as often as you want. The only undesired side effects you might experience could be a slight weight gain. Benefits could or might include enhancement of your natural resistance to infection.

Do not hesitate to show this article to your doctors and/or friends, OR they can find it at www.darkhorsecandidate.com/sugg.html

1. Although I attended Lehigh University when it was known as an Engineering School, I didn't graduate. I can visualize the sea floor in the Gulf and solutions to the ruptured well, but I thought that the engineers already on scene would find the answers before I could find a listening ear. Obviously, they haven't.

We must start with engineering principles: If a large mass is traveling at a high velocity, it cannot be stopped quickly. e.g. A ferry crossing the New York harbor to Staten Island must begin to slow down long before it gently touches the dock. In the Gulf we must harness the gushing crude before we can slowly turn off the flow. In my mind I can see the fully safe and operational assembly as well as its construction and installation.

I do not wish to even begin with specific instructions as they might be tedious or misunderstood by non-engineers. Serious, involved, participating individuals are welcome to contact me.

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