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In my conversations with many people I find that politics alone do not fulfill all of their needs. Many authors have written many (sometimes) long books providing many of the answers, but in this place I do not want to compete with them. However, I have found that a brief insight may open someone's mind to a path of personal inquiry which is a beginning of satisfaction and discovery.

My philosophical nuggets are meant as starting places for personal consideration -- perhaps shared with friends, relatives, or other loved ones. They are brief so as to be carried in their complete form within a mind to be considered and reexamined later.

This introduction will remain at the top of this column, but my philosophical nuggets have been placed with the latest posting first and the first postings last. These nuggets are numbered for easy reference and potential citing in a bibliography.

77. Good Lord, teach us, guide us, and inspire us that we may better understand you, love you, and serve you and all of your children . . . and your other creatures with whom we share our planet earth.

76. If the top dog continually berates groups within the pack, they might get sick and tired and let him get away with much, much more.

75. Saddam Hussein convinced the world with his empty boasts that he had the weapons to conquer his corner of the world. As a result the world believed him, and he died hiding in a hole. North Korea might well remember and consider this.

74. My freedom ends where your freedom begins, and your freedom ends where my freedom begins. Freedom here is summed up as Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness (or fiscal success).

73. The truth may smart for a day, but a lie can fester for a lifetime.

72. Without the possibility of failure, there can be no real success.

71. Oh, say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?" Not anymore, we are becoming the land of the overregulated and the home of subsidized consumers.

70. No matter how fresh, clean, and healthy food is when it is purchased and received by the customer; improper storage, extended time, and abnormal or careless preparation can still cause food born discomfort and sickness.

69. Every new Program requires a new bureaucracy - new regulations - and increased costs - begetting higher prices and higher taxes.

68. Lies can destroy a government just as easily as rot can destroy a tree without a single cannon ball or a single swing of an ax.

67. Republicans expect people should be able to choose how to spend or invest their own earnings and savings, but many Democrats say that everybody's earnings should be shared through taxation and government programs with those who claim that they cannot work.

66. There are many paths to God's feet, but sadly some people just sit and complain.

65. In most folly there is a grain of wisdom.

64. Isolating a problem is the beginning of finding a path to harmony.

63. A request at breakfast is more fruitful than a complaint at supper.

62. Meaningful criticism should offer plausible alternatives.

61. Never discourage someone from taking the initiative to do a good thing, but fruition might need more examination and consideration.

60. Freedom without responsibility is anarchy, and responsibility without freedom is fascism.

59. If a farmer is not paid for what he produces, he will either starve or seek sustenance elsewhere.

58. Success cannot exist without the possibility of failure.

57. Enough regulations and requirements will kill any venture or enterprise.

56. The payroll of any bureaucracy must be paid by the proletariat, commonly known as the private sector.

55. When President Obama says "Compromise," he actually means, "Do it my way; don't be obstinate; do it my way. I'm the boss; do it my way."

54. In the final analysis life is measured by what a person builds, achieves, inspires, and bequeaths rather than by how much he consumes or squanders.

53. Anger doesn't solve problems, but thoughtful consideration and kindness often do.

52. If you don't receive enough, try to give more. (LHP 1970)

51. For too many people the truth is not as important as what they think the truth is. (LHP - paraphrased - 1956)

50. He who hesitates is lost. (LHP / 1956)

49. A strong, trained, and ready American military builds peace and prosperity, but a soft military encourages rogues and scoundrels.

48. Bureaucrats need to remember that in the economic cosmos they are the parasites and that the entrepreneurs are the hosts. (qv. click here)

47. Efficiency is the measure of the contest between the entrepreneur and the bureaucracy. Economic growth occurs as entrepreneurs succeed in the contest with the bureaucrats.

46. A better world begins with you . . . and me.

45. Failure is the curse of those who do not try hard enough, but success comes to those who persevere, diligently strive toward their goals, reevaluate priorities honestly, and work persistently to accomplish these goals.

44. Success comes more easily when the individual is supported emotionally, educationally, temporally, physically, and fiscally; but enough hard, hard work can often overcome these vicissitudes.

43. The goal of a Bureaucrat is to create regulations to require more reports and more records to necessitate more staff to perpetuate and enlarge the bureaucracy.

42. The goal of an entrepreneur is to produce or provide products or services which are more versatile, more convenient, more appealing,more marketable, and/or of better quality than what is currently available in the target area. His over-riding goal is to make a profit with his [or her] venture.

41. God is the author of coincidence.

40. The biggest Programs provide the biggest opportunities for graft.

39. Small programs allow for greater understanding and easier modifications.

38. Never give your seed grain away.

37. The more someone is paid to find excuses to avoid work, the slimmer are the chances that he will find gainful employment.

36. Sin with abandon, but repent with reflection.

35. A choice of two seldom reveals the whole truth.

34. When a con is anxious to sell you a pig in a poke, he rushes his words and warns of disaster if you don't hurry before the pig gets away. After you weary and buy the pig, there will surely be another pig ... And what are you going to do with all those pigs?

33. If you want someone to work for you, don't put him on the dole first.

32. We have heard that we will know the truth and that the truth will set us free; but my warning is that lies, exaggerations, distortions, and half truths can enslave us.

31. Anyone can accord honor, but no one can demand it because demands are not honorable. Conversely, requests and polite entreaties are frequently acceptable.

30. A wise embezzler knows how much he can safely steal without impeding the growth and success of his host; because without the host, the embezzler will be nothing.

29. A little graft can be tolerated by any culture, but too much graft will suck all the life out of the politic, and kill it. Graft is the enemy of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

28. If you blame someone else for all of your problems, you will never improve your situation.

27. Surrender to a despot never begets peace, but defeat of a despot does.

26. True Hope is built upon our confidence and determination to do our parts to nurture and support success.

25. Grudges are a heavy and destructive burden, but we don't need to carry them!

24. Neither anger nor envy invites friends or happiness,
      but kindness and appreciation do.

23. If every person who claims to preach God's word* did so,
      there would be no wars.
     * Muhammad teaches us that God (Allah) has an endless number of names.

22. A dishonest man argueth harder.

21. Luck and easy money are fleeting lovers.

20. Knowledge is a key ingredient of success.

19. Opinion is our ticket to individuality.

18. Creativity is individuality in action.

17. Peace in the world begins with peace in yourself.

16. Every star athlete thanks his parents for inspiration, support, and encouragement.
      The work and determination are his own.

15. "Seek and ye shall find,"
      and if you are looking for trouble, you will surely find it.

14. Sometimes God uses a doctor's skill to help healing
      but prayers always help a doctor's skills.

13. If you tell too many lies,
      you may have trouble believing yourself.

12. If you trust too much, you might get cheated
      but if you trust too little, you will probably cheat yourself.

11. An astute thief can often be a much better leader and administrator
      than an honest idiot.

10. Love without patience, truth, trust, and understanding is empty.

9. Never argue with a fool, a drunk, or a liar.

8. Beware of empty promises.

7. Pleasant thoughts beget a pleasant disposition.

6. What I steal is never mine,
      but what I give is mine forever.

5. I cannot give you what I do not own,
      and neither can you.

4. Every person misinforms others sometimes
      -- and some of those times are entirely unintentional.

3. Thank your children for the good things they do,
      and you will seldom need to admonish them.

2. Worry is the penance we do for failing to trust in God.

1. If the bus comes too early,
      perhaps you are sleeping too late.

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